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I would like to take the time to thank you for the Reiki session that you did for me. As a Vet that is dealing with PTSD and severe pain most of the time due to service related injuries. I was definitely interested in trying anything that would help. I primarily needed to deal with some issues where a family heirloom was stolen from me by a former business associate and also a person that I considered a friend.

After the Reiki session, in which I focused on getting rid of the obsession that I had over the loss of the item, I felt completely relaxed. The constant thinking about the heirloom and trying to find the individual that ripped me off almost disappeared completely. I still think about the item that was stolen, but I am no longer obsessed over it and the anger and hostility are basically gone too. I only wish that I also worked on some of the other issues that I need help with, the PTSD and pain but hopefully I will be able to do another session with you again in the near future.

This is for everyone who is not sure about Reiki and what it can do for you. I was not really sure about Reiki, my thinking was more along the line of, “If it works for you, then by all means do it.” But after reading about Reiki and how different gemstones do different things, I was definitely willing to give it a try. The Western world does not cover the market when it comes to healing people and people have been using other means to help people deal with the physical and in my case some issues that I needed help to release, because quite frankly, I think the stress would have killed me.

I recommend everyone to try out a Reiki session; and if you are a Vet, I highly recommend it and it definitely will not hurt. Thank you to you and everyone else at Earth N Energy.

Shawn D., US Army Airborne Infantryman

I had a small dog for 7 years. He developed lung cancer and I let him cross the rainbow bridge, instead of delaying his death through suffering. My heart was broken into billions of pieces and I cried every day for 4 months. I couldn’t get over all the feelings of guilt (did I do the right thing), sadness, loneliness, emptiness, etc. I did, after 4 months of grieving, go and get a puppy; but even the puppy did not help to ease the pain of loss. I was always a spiritual person and believe in a higher power, to help me deal with day to day issues. I learned about Reiki through Katherine, as she is my daughter-in-law, and we have discussed it many times. After grieving for 6 months and without finding my way to move forward, even with my new puppy, I asked Katherine if she would help me. Katherine came over and explained what and how the session would go. Relax and clear the mind and let the healing begin I thought. Katherine worked for just about an hour. We talked about what she saw and felt, and I was astounded at what she said and felt! That it was so true! From that day until present, I can think of my little dog without crying! I have not shed 1 single tear over his passing since. I feel love and the missing of my dog so very much still, but I can think of him without crying. Now, I remember all the joy he gave me, the fun we shared, the way he played, and I can smile through it all! When life is overwhelming and you need to find a way to get through it, please give Reiki a chance. I am so very grateful for Katherine’s knowledge and abilities, more than I can say.

Mischelle C.