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Genuine Shungite Pendant – Set in Sterling Silver


Gemstone: Genuine Shungite
Setting: Sterling Silver
Stone Size Measures: .800 Inches x .725 Inches

Sterling Silver Chain Not Included. Click Here to see our selection of Sterling Silver Box Chains and Snake Chains to select from for your pendant.


While relatively new to the western hemisphere, Shungite has been famous in Russia, its exclusive place of origin, for hundreds of years. Shungite is a unique rock that consists up to 98% carbon and got its name from the village that is near where it is found, Shun’ga.

One of the very few natural Earth sources of buckyballs, it is capable of neutralizing electromagnetic emissions, waterborne contaminants and free radicals. Due to these properties, Shungite has been used in spas and therapy for hundreds of years, and more recently in commercial water filters in Russia, proving its worth as a detoxifier and healer.

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Weight .1 lbs