About the Founder

Hello! :0) My name is Katherine Keppeler, and I am the owner and founder of Earth n Energy, LLC. I am a Mother of two young adults and two fur babies! Ah, and lest we forget, a Wife of 19 years! I am also, an Intuitive, a Reiki Master, a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner, and a Certified Crystal Healer. My passion is to help others! I believe that my Soul’s purpose in this life is to help people, to be a beacon or source, for others like myself to find information, help, and to connect with a Community. I founded this company with my husband and youngest child, without whom, I would not be as far as we are today! That being said, we began this company in October 2018, and since then until now we have been full steam ahead!

I do not remember why or if there was a specific incident that lead me to begin searching, but search I have. Since I was very young, I remember feeling as though there was more… more what I didn’t know, but I knew it was there! So I started searching harder. I was young and I was smart, I was going to figure this out! Being that I was born in 1971, long before the internet was invented, there wasn’t much to help me; but I read everything I could get my hands on! My Mom took me to Sunday School and Bible Study, but I still felt like there was more. The older I got, the more that I began to feel that there was something I was missing, a connection! Approximately 10 years ago, I found Reiki! I finally found something that I could connect to that made me feel whole and a part of something greater than myself. Through my teacher, Reiki Master Karen Lockman, I learned so much more than about and becoming attuned to Reiki! I learned about the connection to Spirit, Source, Allah, or to whomever you yourself worship but also about Community, Service to Others, and so much more! Since then, I learned that there are many other ways to help my fellow man and that there are also other Modalities that could be used in conjunction with Reiki. I have learned that there are times when clients may need more, and that is when I began adding more tools to my tool belt! I began learning about the ancient Hawaiian technique of Ho’oponopono by clearing energy blocks and limiting beliefs. Then my love of, as well as my personal use of, crystals evolved into Crystal Healing. I think and hope that I will always keep learning and growing and I hope it is so!

My family and I made a HUGE life change in June 2018 when we picked up and moved from San Diego, Ca. to Lake Havasu City, Az. We moved from everything that any of us, as we were all born and raised in San Diego, have ever known to a place we had only ever visited before. When we moved to Lake Havasu City I went in search of one of my go to comforts, crystals! Not only are the crystals themselves a comfort, but they would be somewhere where like minded people would be, in a soothing environment, where I might meet some new friends! Well, I was completely shocked and depressed to find that there is NO WHERE to buy anything I wanted/ needed for my Spiritual needs in Lake Havasu City! So with the support of a long time friend and business owner in San Diego, Ca., I brought those items to my community! We are searching for a local location to open a shop where like minded individuals may come to a comforting and soothing place where they may find a friend to share in our Community of Love and Light! For now, our Community is housed within this website where I have handpicked each item with Love, Light, and positive intentions to make its way into your Home! From My Family to Yours, Thank you!