Amazonite in its many hues of blue, green, and cream colors is a multi-functioning stone that can be utilized for many levels of healing.

Energetically speaking, Amazonite will help to balance feminine and masculine energies by aligning the physical and subtle bodies, and assisting to balance the yin/ yang. Amazonite will also assist you in your personal inward journey to discover truth and clarity, as well as to aid in banishing the illusion of separation from The Divine. Amazonite has also aided those in their final transition from life with a peaceful passing.

Amazonite, in the physical, further assists as a phenomenal energy filter, blocking stress and electromagnetic pollution from our technological world. Additionally, Amazonite will assist and support many areas of the body. These areas are as follows, muscle spasms, osteoporosis, calcium deficiencies/ tooth decay, recovery after surgery/ illness, sinus’, throat, thyroid, upper spine, breast health, chest, and finally lung issues.

Whether Amazonite is to assist you speaking your truth, soothing traumas (physically/ mentally/ Spiritually), easing irritation and aggravation, or utilizing it for Energy Healing and Chakra balancing you really can not go wrong with this soothing and calming stone.