Amethyst, with its gorgeous shades of purple, is a very Royal and regal stone. Utilized throughout History as a sign of respect and status within the wealthy and elite ranks of many cultures, it was also a Beloved and Sacred stone for the Mystics/ Shamans/ Psychics/ etc.

Energetically, Amethyst with its strong healing energies can transmute lower vibrations, transforming negative energy to higher frequencies of love. With its high vibration and frequency, Amethyst purifies your aura of any negative energy. Amethyst, used in a meditative state, can still the mind and protect the wearer from negative energies as well as to encourage inner strength. Stimulating the Crown, Third Eye, and the Etheric Chakra’s, Amethyst opens you to The Divine for Spiritual Enlightenment. Accelerating development, Amethyst facilitates Spiritual awareness of intuitive and psychic abilities while connecting the physical plane with the higher realms; thereby establishing a higher state of consciousness.

Amethyst, in the physical, is a natural stress reliever and is a comforting stone for those grieving the loss of a loved one. Amethyst can reduce eyestrain which may help to alleviate headaches/ migraines, and can dispel nightmares and relieve insomnia.

Amethyst is a strong and inspiring stone of calm and steady strength, and as a whole promotes balance, calm, and peace.