Black Agate, as with other black stones, is very grounding and a protective crystal. Agate stones, in many colors, soothes your aura and mutes tensions.

Energetically, Black Agate has a calming peace that aids the body and Chakras into an overall sense of balance, promotes harmony, and works to steady you in times of discord. Black Agate is helpful to you when faced with tough decisions and situations where careful and thoughtful consideration is necessary. Black Agate provides inner strength which may help during periods of bereavement, to assist you in moving on, and to soothe stressful locales. Agate crystals have a gentle frequency and a lower vibration.

Black Agate, in the physical, alleviates many issues, including but not limited to the following, bones and joints, mobility, and pain of the shoulder and or neck. Agate properties in general connect with Mother Earth and radiate soft strength to ground the spirit with a sense of stability.

Agate in general has a soft and gentle feeling.